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The arts of the Ninja and Samurai brought to life for modern day applicaitons.

Warrior Wind Martial Arts provides training in the traditional Japanese arts embodied in the Bujinkan (Divine Warrior House) of Dr.  Hatsumi. The school is located in Ft. Collins, Colorado.  The school teaches material from the nine schools which encompass both Ninja and Samurai Styles. 

Budo Taijutsu, sometimes referred to Ninpo or Ninjisu, is a martial art based on nine traditional schools. It is an art that focuses on the skills that were used in Feudal Japan to stay safe and alive in combat situations. These skills are equally useful in the modern age where at times we are faced with the need to protect our friends, our families and ourselves. This is not a competitive or sport art and the focus is on practical applications.

The emphasis is on using proper distance and timing and the application of the practitioners body weight to increase power when delivering a blow or technique.

Training focuses on:

  • Kaiten\Ukemi - rolls and break falls
  • Striking - punches, kicks, open handed and other strikes
  • Grappling techniques
  • Evasions and body protection
  • Proper use of timing and distance in a fight
  • Stances and postures
  • Weapons use such as:
    • Katana and Wakasashi
    • Bo, Jo and Hanbo
    • Tanto
    • Kusari Fundo
    • Koppo
    • Ninja specific weapons


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