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Alan Witty


Alan Witty, has been studying Budo Taijutsu for approximately 25 years, has a 5th degree black belt and is a licensed Shidoshi, instructor, in the Bujinkan. He has studied primarily with Mike Simien who currently resides in Brazil  He started training with  Dale Seago who is one of the leading practitioners in the United States. He also has attended numerous seminars and training events and visited Japan several times to train with Soke Hatsumi and the Japanese Shihan.

What People Say

"In martial arts, you need to go to someone with integrity. Someone that will tell you what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear. Commercial schools can't risk that. Alan Witty is a guy I trust. I will send students to him. I don't say that about a lot of people in my art. His thirst for knowledge is great, his humility admirable and his teaching style is effective. If you are in the Fort Collins area, your best bet for martial arts training is with him. "

Don Roley


"I have known Alan for many years and would highly recommend him as a martial arts teacher.  I would proudly stand by his side during conflict and trust him at my back.  Alan is very intelligent, kind, trustworthy, skilled and well connected within the Bujinkan.  During the time I have known Alan I have continued to gain respect for him.  Alan is dedicated to providing accurate and valuable information to his friends and students.  I consider Alan a great person and I trust him with my life. Alan is a tremendous asset to anyone lucky enough to be associated with him."

Pratt Bethers Bujinkan Shidoshi

"I met Alan in the Early 90's and he is one of my oldest friends. He has diligently studied and traveled with me and many of the Shihans for many years. I value his opinion and no nonsense intellect and approach to Budo. Because he is a practical strategist we often agree on a more effective solution to confrontations. He is a friend and a brother and I would be proud to have him stand at my back in a time of need."
Mike Simien – Bujinkan Shihan

"I have trained with Alan as a part of the Bujinkan since 2008.  I highly recommend Alan as a teacher because he has one objective: keep his students safe.  Alan creatively teaches students how to cope with danger in real life situations.  He routinely invents exercises to keep students alert and ready for unexpected changes.  The focus is always on how to get out of any situation with your life.

He focuses his efforts, especially for new students, on aspects of the art that are useful in the modern world, such as hand to hand combat and techniques for falling and rolling safely.  To this day, I get complimented on how gracefully I roll out of a rough tackle in soccer or a tumble off of my bike.

Alan is also a learned historian and natural storyteller.  Every training session leaves me with a better understanding of my own abilities as well as a better understanding of Budo."

Charley Parker, student.

In high school a friend and I were interested in getting into martial arts and were looking around the Fort Collins area for a place to join. Once we found Warrior Wind we were sold. To be fair, we were very drawn to the Ninja aspect of it, but also liked the environment of the class as well as the style of martial arts. My friend flaked out, but I started attending classes regularly which was one of the best decisions of my life.

I came to realize that at Warrior Wind I learned far more than just the kind of martial arts you see in movies. I didn't learn a specific combinations of punch, punch, block, block, punch. Instead I learned how to defend myself and neutralize a threatening situation in a realistic setting. I could never win a martial arts tournament, but I would be confident that I could protect myself if someone attacked me on the street. On top of that, I learned a lot of valuable life lessons just from discussing different topics before class and during training.

One of the highlights was being able to take a trip with my class to Japan and train for a week with the grand master of the art and his students. Going to Japan was an experience alone, but being able to train with some of the most talented people from Japan and around the world was amazing.

I would recommend Warrior Wind for anyone looking to get into martial arts. You'll learn more than you ever thought.

Michael Odbert, student.




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