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The Bujinkan has several levels of Rank. These are:


9th to 1st Kyu – The material for these ranks covers the core materials of the Bujinkan as embodied in the TenchiJin Ryu Maku developed by Dr.Hatsumi. 

Shodan – This is where the student has developed command of all of the basic material of the Bujinkan and upon passing relevant test receives his or her black belt. 

NiDan to Godan – Here the student refines his or her skills and explores additional material from the various schools of the Bujinkan.  The Godan, Fifth Dan, test can only be administered in Japan by Dr. Hatsumi or in his presence. 

Ranks above Godan are only conveyed in Japan and represent further advancement in the material and disciplines of the Bujinkan.




Classes are focused on the material for specific Kyu Ranks. Students review basic skills and also techniques and applications related to their rank. Classes will also focus on developing skills in the use of the Bo (six foot staff) and a variety of Japanese sword forms.  Other weapons that may be explored include the Jo, Hanbo, Tanto and Kusari Fundo.

Finally, every year a theme for the year is selected by Dr. Hatsumi. This may be material from one of the schools of the Bujinkan, a particular weapon or a set of concepts. We also will focus on that material.


Black Belt

This class is for students who have received their Shodan. It will help them further develop their skills and understanding.


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